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The Wonder Spa

Body Menu including waxing, massage, scrubs and wraps


Infrared Detox and Pain Relief full body wraps 

They will tighten, tone and assist in true fat loss: 

In One Session you can...

  • Lose up to 5 Pounds
  • Burn up to 4000 Calories
  • Dramatically Reduce Cellulite
  • Eliminate up to 20% body fat
  • Lose inches off waist, hips and thighs

Full Body Waxing

O Women’s Brazilian $40

O Male Brazilian $65

O Bikini Line $25

O Arms Full $35

O Arms Half $25

O Underarms $15

O Back Full $55

O Shoulders $20

O Chest Full $25

O Legs Full $58

O Legs half $30

O Stomach $25

O Buttocks Only $20

(Entire Body waxed $299)

Body Therapy Services

Scrub/55 Minute $80

Minty Eucalyptus w/ hydration treatment for dry, dull skin. Helps cellulite and stress. Includes dry brushing, massage, full body scrub and hydration.

Body Wrap 55 Min. $80  1.5 Hr. $125

Lemongrass and Cinnamon detox tightening wrap for toxic pain relief and tightening. Includes dry brushing, massage treatment, application of tightening solution, wrapping of body for 30-60 minutes.


Pain Relief 25 Minute $25/ 55 Min. $80

Minty Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Body Treatment for pain and stress throughout the body. Includes dry brushing, massage treatment and minty back scrub.

Migraine Relief 30 Min./ $30 (reg. $45)

Scalp Massage for headaches and stress relief (Includes shoulders and neck)

*None of the services above are regulated by The AZ Board of Cosmetology. 
Fat/Cellulite Reduction
See and feel different immediately with no surgery or gym memberships. Fat Reduction using our Kim 8 Slimming System is efective for cellulite reduction, fat reduction and even skin tightening where fat is being removed. 1st Treatment is only $199 and a package of 3 is $499